Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hiking, Biking, & Rowing -- Gotta love Oregon

A bit of a change of scenery for this weekend. We rented a cabin on a stream near the Mckenzie River with our friends John & Sarah (and their dog Linus).

On Saturday we went up to Clear Lake (yep the name is appropriate!) and did a 5-mile mountain bike ride around the lake (well us newbies had to walk some of the lava flow region...John was a trooper). We had some lunch on the dock and then a nice row on the lake.

Yoda travels everywhere we go with John & Sarah and seems to wind up in the weirdest places. He started his trip with us on our way to Death Valley, CA during Thanksgiving 2005 and has since appeared in many pictures. His legacy continues and theres no doubt he is the most well travelled BK Kids Meal toy ever. Look at the entire album (click on the bridge picture below) and see if you can find Yoda anywhere else!

John did a little fly fishing at the end of the day then we finished off the night with pizza and a couple games of Settlers (man people on the West Coast seem to love this game!).

Sunday we checked out of the cabin and did a short 3-mile hike to see some waterfalls in the area (Sahalie and Koosah Falls). It was misting/raining this day but still a pretty great hike through the old growth.

It was a great weekend, now back to a week at work. CLICK ON THE BRIDGE to see an album of all the photos from this weekend!!!!

Then stay tuned, next weekend we're taking a trip to Seattle!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Myra's first whale sighting!

We went to Depoe Bay on the Oregon coast this weekend to do some whale watching! Grey whales feed very close to the coast in this area during the month of October (in about 30-40ft of water). We took a boat out and saw a ton of whales, some pretty close to the boat. Hard to tell how many different ones we saw since they surface a few times then go down to feed for a few minutes, but it was awesome. Digital camera delays stink when you're trying to get action shots!

BEST of all the motion sickness medicine worked so Joe didn't spend the whole time throwing up like the last time he was out on a boat in the ocean! Bonine rocks!