Sunday, May 13, 2007

Coming soon ...

WINDOWS WILL BE INSTALLED ON WEDNESDAY... FINALLY!!! We've also installed new kitchen floor, hung up some more light fixtures, re-hung our kitchen cabinets, and tore out the old green tub!!

Pictures of all this coming soon as we get a chance to breathe!

Some before and afters

Well the floors are done. Sanded, cleaned up, sealed, and coated. Talk about a process but WE LOVE THEM! Here's some pics, they certainly aren't completed rooms but they are on their way!

Talk about a backache ...

The wood floors we uncovered after taking up the carpet were in pretty good shape but they definitely need refinished. After we took up all the tack strips and staples it was about 120 man hours of sanding.

Bending over the machines for that long did a number on the back. But it was all worth it when we saw the results. After some filling and extra sanding most of the stains came out, at least as well as they could have.

We were hoping for hardood floors under the kitchen floor but after Joe and Dan chipped away at the particle board underlayment for an hour we didn't find any!

Painting Party

It's been a long time since we posted but tons of stuff going on. All in an attempt to get moved in next Sunday!! It will be nice to live in one place in stead of two. We had a work party to get a lot of painting done about a month ago.

Even better we tore into getting the carpets out at the end of the day! Unfortunately they we just disgusting, completely stained with pet urine and who knows what else!