Sunday, December 07, 2008

Thanksgiving Double Take

Yeah, yeah, it's a little past Thanksgiving - but, again, better late than never! We drove up to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with Melissa (a friend of Joe's from high school), her husband Giancarlo and their two ADORABLE girls, Angelina and Victoria.

On Thanksgiving Day, Giancarlo had to work so we enjoyed our Thanksgiving day meal on the aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln. Afterwards, Giancarlo gave us a great tour of the ship - it was very impressive and quite interesting for a couple engi-nerds!

On Friday, we enjoyed the traditional Thanksgiving 'fixings' at their house. It was a great, relaxing day of reminiscing, playing with the girls and catching up. Of course, their was lots of food preparation going on and the day wouldn't be complete without a couple minor 'incidents' (misreading ingredient quantities and early 'removal' of the turkey), BUT, no worries, the meal turned out FAB-U-LOUS and of course, put us into an early food-induced coma. We ended the night getting schooled by Melissa and Giancarlo in the game Sequence. I blame it on the food-coma and want a REMATCH!