Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three Years Old!

On July 24th Madison and Jonathon turned THREE!!!  We can’t believe how quickly this milestone crept up on us.  We celebrated their birthday that next weekend with Joe’s parents and aunt and uncle. 

Both kids LOVE Caillou so Myra decided to make them a Caillou cake.  Little did she anticipate how out of practice she was with cake decorating so this took until 2:30 in the morning and she still wasn’t happy with the writing!


Our big gift to the kids was a bounce house.  We decided to put balloons in the bounce house to add to it’s ‘fun’. 


Madison and Jonathon quickly discovered that if the hit the balloons up the wind would take them over our fence into the alley. They found out that this resulted in a very fun game of ‘Papa fetch’.  This picture is from the alley (where Papa (Joe’s dad) was waiting to retrieve balloons).  Joe, his mom and his uncle are playing defense to keep the balloons  in the bounce house.


Madison first checking out what this ‘thing’ was in the back yard and Jonathon laying on the comfy bounce house floor.

IMG_1853        IMG_1880


Below is a family picture after singing Happy Birthday and revealing the Caillou cake.  Madison was thrilled at the cake right away, Jonathon was not so sure about it.  Once he had a slice of cake though he proudly announced “I EAT CAILLOU!”.