Monday, April 09, 2007

Now we're getting somewhere!

After that scary bathroom 'discovery' on Friday night (see below), we had a pretty successful weekend. Saturday we got a lot of priming done of the walls (we're having a 'painting party' this weekend to get the bedrooms painted). Joe did a great job fixing that pesky corner!! Here is a picture of pre-primer and after (this is the corner that had about an inch gap around gave him a lot of headaches).

Saturaday night we tried to get the kitchen really prepped so we could start on the cabinets and ceiling on Sunday. First, we did get to celebrate Easter (on a smaller scale). We got up at 5:30am for a sunrise service (we went on a short hike with our friends Dan and Natalie to this mountian top that has a beautiful view).
Then after our regular church service we headed out to the house - super motivated to get our 'list' done. Joe did some patching while Myra painted the ceiling (talk about a crick in the neck)! Then Myra started to prime all the kitchen cabinets. Joe said 'Oh, I doubt those will take more than 45 minutes to prime'...and went out to mow our 'field'.
Two and a half hours, after Joe battled down the yard, Myra was still working on those cabinets. Then another hour and a half later - she was done! Painting some of the corner ones involved some special manuvers.
Joe did another coat on the ceiling and we were excited that we got what we wanted done (for once!)! :-) Here's some more pics.

Another 'Do we really want to go there?' moment

Well, Friday night started out just fine, we had some 'goals' set out and were on our way. Then we thought 'Hey, let's take a look at this tub wall'. That's where things started going bad. Since the inspection we were a little worried about water behind the wall under the window. So we started out just removing a few tiles around the window.

Then we discovered that the tiles under the window weren't attached to the wall anymore, just each other!! The plaster behind the wall was just dust. Well, the next 'logical' thing to do was to figure out how much was really bad.

After a lot more wall came down (man that is A LOT of tiles), scared, we decided to just walk away....After a good nights sleep we realized that it was probably for the best - we are starting to get excited about what it will look like once we are done with it!

We did get some other priming done too...but this was the 'highlight'....

Monday, April 02, 2007

The Walls Came Crumbling Down, Slooooooowly

Well, we decided that as much as we REALLY wanted to just paint over the walls in the guest bedroom, it was probably best to try to remove the 'junk' that was there.

Two of the walls were covered in some sort of dust/old glue that was fun fun fun to remove - a mere 8 hours later we were down to the textured walls - phew! Here's a silly video clip that Joe didn't know Myra was taking: VIDEO. Here's Joe with the oversized toothbrush we were using.

Myra tried her hand at this expanding spray foam to insulate the holes from the electrical work - guess they really mean it that you don't need to fill it more to 1/3 way - it oozed just a little..

Meanwhile Joe attacked the cracked guest room corner for the 3rd time - and no, 3 times ended up NOT being the charm, the entire patch feel off again! Frustrating!!

After finishing up the scrubbing of the wall, the next project was texturing the small bedroom walls. For those of you who have never used textured paint before, it is basically paint with sand in it - and it not a lot of fun to put use this crazy loop roller that splatters everywhere. You need to stir it really well first, as demonstrated by Joe. Then two gallons of paint only did 3 walls and Myra!

The good news is, we are that much closer to priming and painting! Its starting to look like a house! Here's a few more pictures is you are interested.