Saturday, July 12, 2008

Disney World!! YEAH!!!!

In March, Joe had a conference in Orlando. After the conf. Myra flew out to meet him for some time at Disney World (NOT just for kids). Our good friends Dan and Natalie met us there as well. Joe's parents had transferred their timeshare from Maui to Orlando for all of us to stay in (thank you!). Joe and Myra also spent a day up in GA visiting with his Aunt Barb and Uncle Mel, their kids and grandkids - it was wonderful to see everyene. Barb and Mel even came down later and spent some time in Disney World with us!

We, of course, went to each of the four main parks! Here are some pictures from Hollywood Studios. The middle picture is of the 'Tower of Terror' ride - we loved that ride! No matter how many times we rode it we still screamed (of course none of us could scream like Natalie - love you Natalie!):

Now some pictures of Wild Kingdom. This park was very 'different' as far as amusement parks went. It had a lot of animals, a safari, and of course the usual rides and shows:

The Epcot Center was LOADS of fun! With my HP badge we had VIP treatment at Mission Space and got to go to a special lounge where we made an electronic postcard, had free drinks and were placed in front of the line!

And of course, you can't miss the most magical place of all! The Magic Kingdom!!

There were so many more fun things and pictures that we can't share here, just trust when we say - you should go!!!

Sarah's 30th +1 Birthday Party

In Feb. we had a birthday party for our good friend Sarah. We made the theme a 'princess' theme - you'd have to know her to really appreciate this as she is a very much not an outdoors woman who really doesn't like pink. :-)

Our friend Jen (an AWESOME cook/baker) made this great cake! And of course, what is a 30th birthday party without a good kids game of pin the monkey on the palm tree:

Christmas 2007

Yes, we know it's July 2008! But, its been a LONG time since we've done any updates and we thought that we would go back over the last 9 or so months and share so of the things we've done. For Christmas Myra REALLY enjoyed having a house to decorate and a REAL Christmas tree for once. We also had a 'White Elephant' party with some of our close friends before heading east.

Next we headed off to PA to spend Christmas with Joe's parents (we switch every year), we enjoyed spending time with family:

And then we hung out, ate lots and played games with Joe's high school friends (Jodi and Matt were great to host us all AGAIN!):

NEXT family time at Myra's parents house in NY:

We celebrated New Year's with some college friends, then our typical whirlwind holiday came to an end when we headed back to Harrisburg with Joe's parents car and flex on back to good old oregon.