Saturday, July 12, 2008

Christmas 2007

Yes, we know it's July 2008! But, its been a LONG time since we've done any updates and we thought that we would go back over the last 9 or so months and share so of the things we've done. For Christmas Myra REALLY enjoyed having a house to decorate and a REAL Christmas tree for once. We also had a 'White Elephant' party with some of our close friends before heading east.

Next we headed off to PA to spend Christmas with Joe's parents (we switch every year), we enjoyed spending time with family:

And then we hung out, ate lots and played games with Joe's high school friends (Jodi and Matt were great to host us all AGAIN!):

NEXT family time at Myra's parents house in NY:

We celebrated New Year's with some college friends, then our typical whirlwind holiday came to an end when we headed back to Harrisburg with Joe's parents car and flex on back to good old oregon.

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