Monday, September 17, 2007

Goodbye Chicken Wire - Hello REAL Fence!

Joe and his dad took on one of the biggest eye-soars of the outside of our house - our fence. This was a project that Myra was REALLY crossing her fingers would get done. We had this old rusted wire fence that was just begging to be ripped down (although, some of the posts just didn't want to leave the backyard):

Then they replaced it with a beautiful cedar fence! This of course involved a lot of digging with the pic ax, cutting, and back-breaking sledge-hammering since it wasn't 'worth it' to rent a hole or trench digger...We had a nice 'hump' right where the fence needed to go to assure it wouldn't get taken down by the county if they widen the road (hence extra digging). They were 'lucky' that they 'only' had to do one side of the yard since our back neighbor had a fence already that he said we could connect too and our neighbors on the other side already had one too...Here's some pictures:

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themikkelsens said...

What a blessing. I am so glad his parents were able to make it over this way. Joe and his dad got so much done it is amazing. It all looks beautiful.