Monday, April 09, 2007

Another 'Do we really want to go there?' moment

Well, Friday night started out just fine, we had some 'goals' set out and were on our way. Then we thought 'Hey, let's take a look at this tub wall'. That's where things started going bad. Since the inspection we were a little worried about water behind the wall under the window. So we started out just removing a few tiles around the window.

Then we discovered that the tiles under the window weren't attached to the wall anymore, just each other!! The plaster behind the wall was just dust. Well, the next 'logical' thing to do was to figure out how much was really bad.

After a lot more wall came down (man that is A LOT of tiles), scared, we decided to just walk away....After a good nights sleep we realized that it was probably for the best - we are starting to get excited about what it will look like once we are done with it!

We did get some other priming done too...but this was the 'highlight'....

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Anonymous said...

wow! I didn't know that Joe is a contortionist-that was amazing! Keep up the great work-it's going to look fantastic when you're done!
Love, Mom (Mary)