Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Turkey Day in Monterrey ...

Yes I know Thanksgiving was two months ago but as MANY of you have pointed out, I haven't updated our blog for awhile!

We went to Mexico to visit Joes brother and sister-in-law and his parents and grandparents flew in from Pennsylvania too! After a 3 hour ride from McAllen Texas to Monterrey (thanks for picking us up Jer!) on Wednesday night, we had a very traditional Thanksgiving meal with the Turkey and all the fixins the following day.

We spent a bit of time at some cool art stores like the commonly referred to 'Eyeball' Store. There was this one art store near their house that had some 'interesting' sculptures out front - like this ornament clad David statue.

In the evenings we went out to some cool restaurants downtown like an Argentinian place with the BEST empanadas.

One of our last days there we ventured out outside the city to a cave (Grutas de Garcia) that you tour through after taking a tram ride to the entrance. Thankfully Jer & Erin could translate everything the tour guide was saying! We also stopped at a pretty cool waterfall that day on our way home.

We packed up on Monday and Erin drove us back to the border (making record time getting us across I should say) for our flight back which was pretty uneventful. Unfortunately we left the 70-degree weather in Mexico and came back to some SNOW which is so rare for Corvallis!

Everything was great and we can't wait to see where they are stationed next so we can plan our next vacation! HERE is the full album!

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Pato said...

the BEST empanadas are from across the Andes, ie, Chile.

(but you haven't tried them yet, so it is ok :) )