Monday, October 27, 2008

Harvest Time!

Myra decided to do a major harvest of the garden the past couple weekends. The tomatoes and squash plants were dying so it was time to bring the 'veggies' of her labor inside for some major cooking!

The tomatoes made some fabulous salsa!! Only about half of the squash have been cooked (those things are a pain!). So fun fact - when different varities of squash are planted close together they crossbreed and you never know quite what you will get! But, still, there was enough 'buttery' squash to make a ton of squash gnocchi - yummy!!


John & Sarah said...

Not bad for your first harvest. I'm sorry I missed it. We bought grocery store cherry tomatoes the other day and they didn't hold a candle to yours. Sarah

Claire said...

You might try cooking your squash in the microwave by poking holes in it (so it doesn't explode) and then cooking it on high for about 10-15 minutes. Or you can achieve a similar result by putting the whole squash in a Ziploc bag, poking it, and letting it steam itself in the microwave. Yummy!