Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cape Lookout

With a break in the rain last weekend we took the chance to head out to the beautiful Oregon coast. We went up to Cape Lookout and did a hike out to the end of the headland. We got there a little later than we had planned (darn outlet malls along the way!) but it gave us a great view of the sunset over the ocean. It just meant we had to hike a little faster on the way back so we weren't stuck in the dark!! If you haven't seen the rocky shores of're missing out. The trails had some pretty muddy spots but nothing impassable. Really of course the highlight was being able to watch Myra use the logs across the trail as the catwalk for her model runway (sorry no pics of that...that was just for Joe ;)


themikkelsens said...

Jeremy and I are jealous. Feel free to call us if ever you want company on such adventures. We would love to come.

Joe said...

that sounds like fun, let's plan a time!

Ryan Lins said...

Arg! I miss Oregon...and you guys of course! Great pics, hope all is well and 2009 is starting out great.