Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Trip Home

Time to play some catch up here! As soon as we got home Joe was only home for a day and a half before rushing off to a conference. We feel a bit settled, for a few hours anyway, and wanted to update!

Leaving Bulgaria was an odd experience, on one hand it was a relief to be heading home, on the other we were leaving our children – 7,000 miles away from where we live. We were picked up at 4:30 in the morning so only half awake, which was probably a good thing. Our plane landed in Frankfurt at 7:30am and we weren’t heading back out again until 5:30pm, so we decided to take a little break and see some of the city to get our minds off of things.

We got off the subway at a big farmer’s market and after some fruit for breakfast (okay, the fruit was actually in the subway station!) we started walking to our destination – the old Dom Cathedral (and other historical areas). Half awake still and our minds continuing drifting back to the week that had past we finally found Old Town portion. We decided that the 368 stair hike to the top of the cathedral would be good for us and work off the Cider Beer and Pretzel we were dreaming about in advance…The church was impressive and view was amazing!

DSCN3708DSCN3710 DSCN3716 

Following our ‘hike’ we crossed this old iron bridge built in the late 1800s, there were hundreds, probably thousands, of locks on the bridge – many with engagement dates. We need to look this up – some sort of engagement tradition? After wandering around to find ‘the’ place for taverns and famous cider beer, we wandered back to the subway stop. We could not believe what a HUGE difference a few hours made in activity! When we walked through in the morning there was hardly a soul out, on our walk back the pedestrian streets were packed with shoppers, performers, families and bikes!


Our trip home was fairly uneventful, until we received our ‘welcome home surprises’:

Arriving to our car in the parking garage at about 1am in the morning we found a ticket on it. We had forgotten to update our tags before we left and they expired during the week while we were gone (guess our minds were elsewhere?). THANKFULLY the nice Tampa ticket enforcement made sure to drive around the parking garage and look for tags that expire mid-trip , so thoughtful! ;-P When we pulled into our driveway at 1:30am a VERY large branch had fallen and took a large potted plant with it…hmmmm….When we walked in the door it appeared we had left out our welcome sign for all the ants in the neighborhood – they had moved in and overtaken our laundry and poor cat’s food and water ….WELCOME HOME!!!

But, really, all that barely phased us (Sadie might had been slightly bothered) – we had just returned from an amazing trip…we met our kids….we enjoyed their country…we were making plans to bring them home!!!

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