Thursday, August 11, 2011

It’s okay to throw up the White Flag


Catching up….Our last day day in Bulgaria was pretty much filled with playtime and trepidation over what the next day had in store for us.  How on earth would were going to get our kids home on the long flight and all stay sane?  Well, one day at a time.

Thankfully we spent a lot of time sight-seeing on our first trip to Bulgaria because there was no time for that this trip.  We chose to really not go out much because the busy streets, cars, stores, etc. were all just too stimulating and we wanted this week to be our first week of cocooning in order to build a secure attachment (which will of course be months to years down the road).  Friday was no exception.

I’m sure there were funny tidbits from the day (they entertain us on pretty much an hourly basis with cute and funny things).  Many/most of the videos we took end abruptly because Jonathon crawled over to grab the camera or we needed to throw the camera down quickly to go stop some impending damage yelling ‘neigh’ along the way (‘no’).

Madison still had a Myra fetish which is actually a good sign, that she is on her way to hopefully attaching with her.  But, she is much more open to play from Joe which is actually great considering it had been less than a week.  We did go buy some more diapers at the pharmacy for the trip home and they ended up being too large, but manageable (since we had no choice anyway!).  Madison went down for a nap, but after much trial, Jonathon refused so we let it go…  Petko came by early evening to drop off the kids Visas, Immigration paperwork and discuss what to expect while passing through Passport control and US Customs & Immigration.  That was it – our case was closed and our kids could finally enter the country!

We had bath time again and tried to coax them by playing with toys outside the tub and throwing them in, but it didn’t help.  We decided to just try and get it over with quickly, poor things!  We tried to order take out from Pizza Roma again, but today the kids didn’t like ANY of it.  Thank goodness we still had lots of bread/pasta/etc for back up, we’ll be sure to have better options for back up once home!  Bedtime was awful, we tried to put them to bed for about 1-1.5 hours and eventually threw up the white flag.  Of course we tried so hard not to laugh, but they were so cute playing and singing to each other.  We just couldn’t calm them and looked at each other said, ‘we surrender’!.  We still needed to pack, it was about 8:45 and we needed to be up at 4 am!  Myra brought the kids into the other bedroom (where all our clothes were) to let the kids play while Joe concentrated on the living room (where all the toys and random things were).  About 9:45pm we could see signs that bedtime would probably work with little fight so we tried again and success!   About 11:30pm we had everything packed and were ready to try for some sleep, in the end the only thing we forgot to pack was a couple DVDs we brought – at least that’s all we’ve discovered so far!

4am was going to come might early…


Yvonne said...

Congratulations you guys! I am so happy for your family!! Petko is wonderful! I had so many wonderful conversations with him! His heart is really in the program... refreshing to see this in our in-country team!

Have a wonderful and safe trip home! Hope the kids zonk out... :)

Shelley said...

Hoping your first weeks home go smoothly! Congratulations on bringing home your babies!