Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home at Last: LATE on August 6th, 2011

When we FINALLY arrived in Tampa after about 24 hours of travelling, both kids were soundly asleep.  A couple friends met us at the airport - they brought us our car so we didn’t need to park for so long, try to drag the kids and all the luggage to the car and/or drive home after all that traveling!  Thank goodness!  Here are some pictures they took of our first minutes on the ground in our home state:

Misc 021 Misc 018 Misc 020

We visited for a few minutes at home while the kids took it all in (thankfully they slept the car ride home, we were worried about the car seats being scary to them because of strapping them in).  They left us with some food in our fridge (on top of a full fridge thanks to a couple of Myra’s friends at work!), we were thankful we didn’t need to think about that!  Then off to bed we all went to try and find some sleep….


Jo said...

Wow what a flight... thank goodness that you both pulled through and that your first weeks together are better.

John and Sarah said...

Wow! Thanks for posting. We miss you guys.