Sunday, July 12, 2009

April 2009

Now that I look back, April was a pretty busy month for us. I suppose most notably is that Joe defended his PhD on April 20th. His parents flew out to celebrate Easter with us and a number of our friends and then worked on a number of projects around the house while he crammed to finish up during the last week. He did take a few breaks to join in the remodeling fun but really Mom and Dad deserve all the credit for these jobs!!

Joe's professor had a celebration dinner/party the night of his defense which was a great way to finish off the day.

After a few days of finishing up some details of the dissertation we took off with Joes parents up the coast of Oregon and Washington and into the temperent rain forest in the Olympic National Forest. We stayed a night at Ocean Shores, Washington and woke up early to find we were in the midst of hundreds of people who came to the coast for the one open weekend of Razor Clam season! Joe's parents flew out from Seattle and then we took the train back to Oregon. You really can't beat the west coast views! Click on the picture below to see a few more!!

We finished off the month when Myra hosted a baby shower for our friend Joani. You can tell we are a bit late posting all this because little Alilson arrived over a month ago!!

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