Sunday, July 26, 2009

Graduation (finally!)

HPIM8820IMG_0107  HPIM8825

So even though the defense  was back in April, we celebrated Joe’s PhD graduation again the day he walked in the ceremony.  His grandparents, parents, aunt and uncle and Myras parents flew out for the event.  We got to take some trips to the coast and to the mountains before/after graduation day!  It was also cool that two of our closest friends were getting their PhD’s at the same time (and one who couldn’t make it to the ceremony because she already moved to Australia).  The ceremony was pretty typical and thankfully we were allowed to leave before they handed out all the undergraduate degrees.  We followed it with a BBQ for all three graduates their families and friends at our place.  Good times all around.  The wives of the graduates surprised the crowd with photo collages (embarrassing actually) and T-shirts to start a feud!.


Here’s just a few snaps from the day …

HPIM8818 HPIM8823 HPIM8832 IMG_0095 IMG_0103 IMG_0118 HPIM0789 HPIM0808 HPIM0819 HPIM0821 HPIM0822 HPIM0824 HPIM0832 HPIM0833 HPIM8770 HPIM8791 HPIM8812

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Ryan Lins said...

Hey BIG congrats Dr. Joe!!! Very cool. What is next for the Long's?!?!