Monday, June 20, 2011

Court Date Scheduled!

You might think we are a little behind with updates, but the sad part is...there weren't any updates to be posted! We are hoping to add some posts soon with pictures from the wonderful 'toddler showers' our friends and family have been having for us, and some the 'nesting' that is going on around the house. But in the meantime, we FINALLY have a court date scheduled!!

July 4, 2011 will be the court date. Obviously not as soon as we would like, but at least we have a date. We are praying this next 2 weeks goes by quickly.

Whats Next: After the court there is a one week period for people to contest the courts decision. Then, provided we passed court (they oftentimes ask for additional information and postpone the decision), and no one contests the adoption, it takes 2-3 more weeks to issue new birth certificates and the court decree. Once those documents are issued we can travel to pick up Madison and Jonathon! So we are looking around mid-August...we HOPE!

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