Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Travel Dates!!!

We have a couple other posts in the 'Draft' folder BUT we couldn't resist letting everyone know that we got a call today with our travel dates!!! This is amazing because we haven't even had our court date yet. They schedule travel dates after the court date to ensure that everything goes smoothly with your case but apparently they are very confident with our case because they assigned us dates and gave us the go-ahead to buy our tickets.

We will fly out July 30 and arrive in Varna on the 31st. First thing on August 1st we will go to the orphanage to pick up our kids!! We will then immediately fly to Sofia at noon (just us and kids...yikes!) for the rest of the week (appointments with doctors, the US Embassy, etc. etc.). We will arrive back on American soil (after 3 long flights) on August 6th. The nerves are setting in!

Unfortunately we will be there one week AFTER their second birthday but what a way to celebrate our 9th Anniversary (August 3rd)...as a FAMILY!

More updates to come about things that have been going on and on our preparations!


Erica Harris said...

So exciting! Looking forward to seeing pictures of you all together!

Anna Baker said...

Myra, it was such a blessing to meet you at church and learn that God has led both of our families to our children through international adoption. I am praying for your court day tomorrow!
Anna Baker