Thursday, July 26, 2007

The BIG Moving Day

At the end of May we decided that as wonderful as it was to finally have a house it might be a little more exciting to actually live in it! So, with work left to be done (we think there will ALWAYS be work left to be done) - we set the date and moved.

We sent out an email to our friends in the Young Marrieds group at church, not sure who could actually make it. Well, we ended up with not 10, not 15, but NINETEEN people at our apartment to help us move on a typical rainy Oregon day. Here's a picture of most of them. It took RECORD time to move out of our 2nd floor apartment in Corvallis to our house about 15 miles away in Albany.

We had lunch at our apartment for everyone to help (to get the energy to start the move). Then, we provided some yummy store-bought desserts at our house after the moving van and all the cars & trucks were unpacked. Promise of food works everytime!! :-)

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