Sunday, July 22, 2007

A long overdue update - first THE WINDOWS!

Well, as we mentioned MONTHS ago we had new windows installed. We were very excited to get the old barely working windows out and get the new ones in. Here is some before/after pics of the window.

The above is the front of our house (kitchen side) below is the living room side of the house (also front). Yeah, yeah, we know it's not that exciting - but it is to us!

The only 'bad' thing was that the windows had to be put flush against the front of the house, which means that we had a big ol gap in the inside of the house where you could see our cinder block walls.
A little hard to see here - but trust us, it was not pretty. Shortly after we moved in we found a young guy on craigslist who was just starting out. He did the encasements for all the windows for about the same price we would've paid the window people to do TWO. Here is an after picture. Okay, enough window pictures!

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