Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tour of our new pad

You've seen all the scary before pictures (if you don't remember just search through our old posts). Thought is was time to see some 'it's finally starting to get better' pictures after we are semi-settled in. Our low-tech virtual tour starts in the kitchen (the laundry room is actually through a door to the left by the fridge - but its not very exciting).

Next we bring you into our dining room/living room:

Going through our dining room leads us to our hall (the bookshelf is to the right as you walk through the arched doorway):

The green room is the baby's room (not really too much in it right now - more pictures in the future). Then our guest room is the chocolate/vanilla room (the ice cream room):

We'll skip the full bath for now....Here is a couple pics of our bedroom, the door is to the half bath:

A picture of the side yard and the backyard - see the New Windows blog entry for the front of the house.
That's the end our our tour of our new kick'in pad!

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