Monday, July 23, 2012

A horse is HOW big? No really…how big?

One morning we decided to go to Joe’s aunt and uncle’s farm where they board horses (and have many of their own).  First things first though – Joe’s mom decided that Mimosas were in order for breakfast.  Only Myra and her partook though – mmmmmmmm.


Our first horse was one of the mini horses (just perfect Madison and Jonathon size).  This was actually a baby – but the mother is in the background (not much bigger).  Madison wasted no time trying to make friends (she is very good about going slow and being gentle with animals).


Jonathon was  a bit more unsure so Joe coaxed over the baby by being a human salt lick (yummm). 

     IMG_1105     IMG_1107

Next we went down to the main barns and Joe’s aunt Sandy introduced us to ALL the horses (we seriously lost tracked).  There were more mini horses, and lots of full sized as well. It was really neat to see the kids finally see a horse in person (they are always pretending to be horses or riding their stick horses).  Jonathon really was here too, but he was a bit busier trying to talk to the dog (aka puppy) that was running around the barn.


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