Monday, July 23, 2012

Tractors for Jonathon; Swimming for Madison

Jonathon just LOVES tractors.  The word ‘tractor’ immediately invokes a smile and laughter.  Good thing Joe’s dad has a couple tractors so we could make a family ‘ride’ out of it.  We followed Papa out to the field to watch him load hay.  Jonathon helped Daddy steer, but Madison wasn’t so sure this tractor thing was so great and sat on Mama’s lap.  Myra was a bit unsure about sitting on a tractor fender while holding an almost 3 year old (call her an old fashion car-with-seatbelts type of gal) – but everyone was just fine!

IMG_0874 IMG_0897

Madison MUCH preferred the pool, every day she wakes up (even at home) and says “swimming, okay?”; “beach, okay?”.  She has the cutest ‘okay’ with a head nod too, as if as soon as she says ‘okay’ at the end of sentence it has been written in stone as what will come to be.  She says ‘okay’ a lot….determined little girl!  Here are some pics of the favorite activities (swimming with Daddy, kicking the ball back and worth, and of course jumping!):

     IMG_0938     IMG_0966IMG_0992

One day Joe just took Jonathon out on the tractor since he loved it so much.   Madison was once again content to just go ‘swimming’:


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