Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Down on the Farm…

The kids woke up bright and early our first day at Nana and Papa’s house (despite not getting to bed until 10pm!).  One of Madison’s first activities was to help Nana make blueberry pancakes (she LOVES to help and is always asking to help make meals…she’s a great stirrer!):

     IMG_0655     IMG_0665

Jonathon went right to playing with car toys and a rocking horse:

      IMG_0670      IMG_0684

The kids also wanted to see Papa’s cows.  Jonathon was a bit scared so didn’t stay in the barn long, but Madison was very excited to be near the cows:

      IMG_0699     IMG_0698

Running down the hill and looking for cows in the field (Here Jonathon is saying “COME ON MAMA!!”, i.e, stop taking so many pictures and play!):

      IMG_0692     IMG_0695

Papa made a play-set for all the grandkids – he was smart and put up 4 swings so when all the kids were there they wouldn’t fight (well, not over the swings anyway…)! 

IMG_0703  IMG_0719

The kids also enjoyed riding on a couple different kid bikes (although Daddy’s old bike was a favorite despite being a bit too big!):

IMG_0800 IMG_0808

Four generations:



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