Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dan & Natalie come for a day of PaInTiNg

We can't really say why we decided to move towards painting some of the rooms except we want it to have time to cure before we starting redoing the floors and filling the house with dust. The living/dining space was all patched and retuxtured so we started to paint (makes us feel like we're actually getting things ready to move-in too!). It all started by painting our walls pink...its all the rage these days.

JUST KIDDING, thats just a tinted primer so that the eventual crimson color will look like it should. Throughout the weekend and some of this week we got the ceilings painted in the living/dining room, hallway and guest room, and the walls in the living/dining room and entryway. Progress in baby steps. Thankfully our friends Dan & Natalie came and helped us out on Sunday! Thanks guys!!!!!

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