Monday, March 05, 2007

NY Visit and Winter Fun

Myra took at red eye flight out the night of Feb. 15th to spend an extended weekend with her parents back in NY. Unfortunately, it was at the tail end of the crazy winter storm so after thinking that she might not get there at a decent hour on Friday, she was rerouted to Rochester and her parents drove out to get her. Saturday morning Myra, her dad and Rugger (the dog) went out on snowshoes around her parents property - it was beautiful!

As you can see there are CRAZY amounts of snow there! See more pics HERE.

Sunday morning her dad, brother and her went out snowmobiling. They met her mom for lunch (she drove there) and then headed back to the house. Some of the trails were very bumpy and there were sore backs all around.

Myra enjoyed lots and LOTS of time visiting with her mom. She (her mom) is doing amazing - only one more chemo treatment left!!

Monday before heading to the airport her mom and her went to Utica and took her grandma out to lunch. Then they went back to her grandma's house and played Rummikub for a couple hours - then back to the airport and reality!!

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