Thursday, March 22, 2007

Raise the roof ...

Well we've been doing lots since we had time to post yet. Myra's been sanding, preping, and priming all the kitchen cabinets (it didn't seem like so many when they were still hangin'). Joe's been getting a lot of practice in patching plaster cracks and holes and taking many attempts to match the original wall texture -- a rather impossible task.

We spent lots of time the other weekend trying to repair the ceiling in the small (blue) bedroom. There was a sag in the one corner where the plaster & backing (theres actually no lathe; just a thick cardboard backing) pulled away from the ceiling joists. After many trips up and down from the attic and pulling away the insulation we found the spot and used plaster washers and drywall screws to lift it back into place. It worked fairly well, except we were limited in where we could reattach it (i.e the joists are on 16" centers). So theres still a little bulge but nothing like it was. Now its time to plaster over the cracks we made and over the plaster washers! Lets hope it works!

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