Thursday, March 22, 2007


So we set out to find ourselves some mold. At least we were preparing ourselves for it. The one corner of the house where things are a little 'shifted' had a hint of mold in one small space on the wall under the wall paper. So we starting chipping away so that if it was dry rot, we could fix it. We chipped, and chipped, and chipped...and found concrete. The house is cinder block, sandwiched by stucco and plaster. Interesting ...

On to the bathroom. A small section of wall under the closet and adjacent to the tub was molded too. So we starting tearing out the plaster and thankfully it was only surface mold, the plaster wasn't wet on the inside. Hurrah! So all in all, demo was a success and a relief! I couldn't get Myra to stop puching holes in the wall -- too much stress I guess.

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