Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What lies beneath ....

So on Friday we started our demolition. Our friends Jeremy and Carri (our first guests!) came over to see the house and got stuck ripping down wallpaper for hours! Thanks guys!

They started on the bathroom and it wasn't long until they had the place paper, fixture, and lighting free! They also stumbled upon quite a find. The wall behind the toilet looked like it was the bathroom stall in a middle school, just covered in graffiti. The comments on the wall even dated back to Nixon. Myra's favorite saying though was "Never graffiti with your feeti!"

Don't worry Myra and I did some of the work too. By the end of the night the four of us got most of the way through the three rooms that had wallpaper (actually multiple layers of wallpaper and paint overtop)

We worked the rest of the weekend too so stay tuned!

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